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Dragonflies are the keeper of dreams, the energy within that sees all of our true potential and ability.

Dragonflies inspire spirituality and creativity, they help us on the path of discovery and enlightenment.

They remind us that anything is possible.

Dixie Belle Paint was born out of the belief that creating beautiful timeless pieces should be easy, un-intimidating and fun. Our line of chalk mineral paints have adhesive qualities designed to eliminate the need to sand, prime or prep. Just choose your favorite color from our palette of 60 stunning colors, clean your creation and start painting. No sanding, priming or sealing required! Your masterpiece will have a matte finish that can be distressed beautifully

 Meet the Team


My partners are my husband, Steve and my best friend for 40+ years, Lisa Cage.  These two people have been my fellow creative outlets, painters, furniture fixer-uppers, movers, brain-storming partners and so much more!  They both have so much to offer Dragonfly Designs and are very talented people, each in their own way.  I am so blessed to have them be with me in this adventure.

Julie Brown

Julie Brown

I am a mother, wife, grandmother, God loving woman recently retired from 25 years in the financial industry.  My passion has always been creating a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere for my family and friends.  Lover of essential oils.  Candles and simple decorating complete the home.

Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Husband of Julie, grandpa, father. Handyman and carpenter at heart, 2nd string Dixie Belle painter, chief delivery person.  Loves to give his opinion on painting “antiques” and how it hurts his brain when it gets painted.   First class trooper and supports Julie in all her adventures!

Lisa Cage

Lisa Cage

Lisa is a mama, grandma, caregiver to her 92 year old mother!  Best friend of Julie for 40 plus years and counting!  Creative writing is just one of Lisa’s specialties.  She performs wedding ceremonies in her spare time, plans the weddings and makes sure everyone is taken care of!  She loves to transform old worn out pieces of furniture (yes – including upholstery!)  She’s not afraid to dumpster dive or raid the local thrift stores to find the perfect piece.

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